Single Stage Conversion Kit Dillon XL650

Single Stage Conversion Kit Dillon XL650

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Despite the capabilities of modern progressive presses, all volume reloaders do require a single stage press from time to time to perform specific tasks such as sizing bullets, trimming, or swaging primer pockets. However, with reloading bench space at a premium, it is not always convenient to have an extra single stage mounted to the bench. Along comes the Single Stage Conversion kit for the Dillon XL650. Problem solved! Now converting your Dillon press to a single stage takes less time than changing calibers and can be easily packed away when you are done. Product is American made and is built to provide a lifetime of service. My advice is to get this item. It will be the best upgrade to your machine you've made in a long while.


1. Remove toolhead from machine.

2. Loosen hex head retaining screw on the left side of ram.

3. Remove the hex head shell plate retaining bolt located in the center of the shellplate.

4. Place locater pins, ball bearing, cartridge spring, and retaining bolt in safe location.

6. Install shell case ram stop pin in ejector spring hole.

7. Place spent primer catch pan on top of shellplate platform.

8. Screw in adapter bolt through primer catch pan and shellplate into shellplate platform. (For proper fit, you must leave shellplate on.)

9. Tighten hex head retaining screw on the left side of ram.

10. Snap in desired size RCBS style shell holder into top of adaptor bolt.

11. Install supplied toolhead. (Note: Toolhead designed to fit snug for optimum accuracy.)

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