About Us

Eighteen years ago I entered the field of law enforcement and was quickly befriended by a group of officers who regularly shot IDPA/ IPSC competition matches. From there I was introduced to the art of reloading ammunition. Starting off with a used Hollywood reloading press and a set of 9mm dies, I began cranking out my own home-brewed 9mm and 30-06 rounds.

Success however had a less than auspicious start as I made more mistakes than I care to admit.  Unwilling to go down in defeat, I began hitting all the books I could get my hands on and talked to as many knowledgeable people as I could find. Soon my quest to create inexpensive ammunition became an obsession. While my friends viewed reloading ammunition as a means to weekend matches, creating perfect rounds became my end.

Years later, my passion for reloading and my commitment to public service merged in the creation of JM Reloading Supply. With the help of my loving wife Joy, we began assisting fellow reloaders through troubled times by providing a supply of hard to find components.

Despite our rapid growth, Joy and I remain resolute in our commitment to remaining a “Mom and Pop” operation in the truest sense. We have no illusion or desire to ever compete with the “big boys”. Instead, we focus on providing first-class service to a comparatively small clientele.

For you, the customer, this means you will always receive personalized attention, quick and efficient shipping, and accurate stock levels listed on our website. At JM Reloading Supply, we are reloaders and shooters just like you.